Today is Cowcatcher Saturday!

Today is SMARTMOUTH SATURDAY!! COWCATCHER CANS AND COW TIPPING PLAYBOYS....all under the same roof!  Due to weather, the big street party has been rescheduled - but we are still playing Smartmouth today from 4:30-6:30 to celebrate the Cowcatcher Milk Stout release!


In the Eye of the Rock 'n' Roll Hurricane

Last week while in Las Vegas, I somehow managed to snag an invite to a private reception for Neal Preston's touring exhibit "In the Eye of the Rock 'n' Roll Hurricane." Be impressed and be jealous. Photographer Neal Preston is one of the greats of international music photography. From David Bowie to Led Zeppelin, Mick Jagger to Queen, his subjects read like a who’s who of music icons. I had a opportunity to meet and talk with Neal Preston at the event, and found him to be a pleasure to talk to, interesting and kind. This is a touring exhibition - if you have a chance to see this exhibit, don't miss it. I whole-heartedly agree with the artist's comments: “We have created something much greater than just a collection of fine-art music photography prints. This is a living, breathing exhibition on a grand scale where the pictures seems to come alive, and capture the same excitement and passion that I felt – and still feel – while photographing the most legendary, iconic artists in rock ‘n’ roll history.” 


How to Disappoint and Upset Your Mom Without Even Trying

1.  Record a song called "Goddamn Alcohol."


Pints for Pets

Animal lovers and drinkers unite this Saturday night to support the Norfolk SPCA!  Great opportunity to drink with a clear conscience!  Come on out and toast this laudable cause, cat and dog lovers alike.


"Trailer Swift" commentary...

"With Dalmas’ confident, vocal swagger and the band’s cow punk chops “Trailer Swift” is a rowdy, carousing blow-out …just don’t forget to byob." - Paul Shugrue, WHRO Radio

"Break-ups, make-ups, drinkin’ and soul searchin’ – the ingredients for a perfect country record and "Trailer Swift" has it all." - Kyle Bloom, HR Scene