A Stable Genius

I’ve been hesitant for years about writing posts, updates, blogs, tweets, and thus do so only rarely. Last year may have been my most self-doubting year of all – only one update to news on this page!  We aren’t dead, plenty happened I might’ve mentioned.  I’m always suspicious the content of whatever I might contribute might be trite, or boring, proud or boastful, inadvertently "borrowed" from another source, perhaps not funny, not enlightening, or woefully ignorant. Or I’ll miss a grammatical error, which makes me crazy.  But after reflecting on this past year, it seems I’ve been on the wrong track.  I’m no genius, and may not be particularly stable, but I’m certain I have at least as much to contribute as our current president.  


Spring healing

Thanks to all who voted us Best Country Artist in the 2017 Veer Magazine Music awards -- we're celebrating our win by coming out of hibernation! Now that our bass player is mostly back on his feet after Achilles surgery we are venturing out and about  and looking forward to our upcoming shows.  Hope to see you there too!


Fall is upon us!

Officially fall is only almost upon us, only 12 more days!  But screw the calendar, CP Shuckers at the Virginia Beach oceanfront is having their Fall Fest a little early!  The festival is tomorrow 9/10/16 with 6 fabulous bands.  We'll be on the stage feeling extra-fabulous from 7:30-8:45pm.  Afterwards we'll be hauling ass to our next gig in Norfolk at the Ocean View Mojo Bones, where we'll take the stage around 10pm or so. Come on out to one or both shows for back-to-back formidably impressive badassery.


Sorry folks

Sorry all, tonights show at Mojo Bones in OV is cancelled due to illness.  Hope to see you soon!

  • 06/25/16 Saturday - Mojo Bones in Ocean VieCANCLLED DUE to ILLNESS

Shenanigans at O'Connors ODU LitFest Rally

Iron Cowgirl?