Someone in the band is an idiot.

And it might just be me.  Sorry folks, the Thirsty Camel show scheduled for this Saturday will have to be post-poned.  We've had a scheduling snafu.  While my aching, cough-ridden vocal cords are relieved, I'm disappointed we won't get our Camel fix of Fireball.  Stay tuned for the re-scheduled date!


I hate adenoviruses.

Particularly the one I have now, the FOURTH cold I've had this year.


You tube discovery!

Just discovered someone filmed an impromptu jam with Rylo and Gina Dalmas - nearly forgotten how fun that night was.  Here's one:




summer lovin'

Thanks to everyone who's been coming to the shows, it's been a pretty good summer.  We are planning to record a new album/cd/record later this year.  All financial donations are welcome to make that possibility a reality.

Last weekend was fun - Friday night playing at a duck-pin bowling alley in Richmond was odd and fun and hilarious and we wish the place wasn't closing down so we could play there again.  Also, it was great to learn just what in the hell duck-pin bowling is.  (It's mostly like mini-regular bowling, but not exactly).  Saturday night playing Krossroads with a K had culinary perks -they offer collard greens on their pizza.  I sampled the combination and can report collard greens on pizza is delicious. 


More shows added!

Check it!