Altruistic Gig-Filling

Being the philanthropic humanitarians we are, we're filling in for a band cancellation tonight - join us  at the Rock-n-Roll Ruckus #15 won't you?   we'll be joining our friends Shifty South and Creation X artist Todd Owens.  There's art, music, and a fire-breather - pretty cool.  Starts at 9, free show, plenty of parking.  South Beach Grill in Virginia Beach, starts at 9.  Really, it starts at 9, the poster below is a liar.

facebook event details here




We won Best Country Artist at the 2013 Veer Music awards! Thanks to the very astute judges and all the perspicacious voters, we are honored and greedy for awards.Jackie Scott (from Jackie Scott & The Homewreckers) and I basking in the glow of our sweet, sweet victory.
With Kelly Murphy of the Sea Level Festival

Greg Wikle was busy playing with some other stupid band.


Shower us with awards!

We are thrilled to announce we are nominated for two awards in this year's Veer Magazine Music Awards! Please vote for us in the "Best Country" and "Best Live Performer" categories. Do it!  

We are also pleased to see many of our friends nominated , conveniently in other categories.  Congratulations to Rodeo Clown, The Pawn Shop Lifters, Crissy Babe and the Dastards, Kyle Bloom, and everyone I'm forgetting who was nominated and is my close personal friend.  


Norfolk the proud, Norfolk the drunk

Congratulations to my adopted hometown of Norfolk,VA for being the second drunkest city in America!  According to The Daily Beast, only Boston has us beat.  I'm 2.5 parts proud and .5 part worried.  We jumped up from number 24 from last year's poll, no doubt in large part due to all the attentive drunken audience members at our shows.  Thanks ya'll!


CTP's to the rescue

Filling in for a last minute cancellation tonight at Mojo Bones in Ocean View!