No, I don't play the banjo, why do you ask?


Better Block Norfolk

Join us tonight as we, along with other local artists, perform in support of Better Block Norfolk.

NORFOLK – A block of Granby Street from Olney Road to Addison Street will come alive this weekend for Meet, Greet + Imagine- Granby Street = The Better Block project.  Join the City of Norfolk, Team Better Block and hundreds of volunteers on Friday April 12, 2013 from 5:00pm-9:00pm and Saturday April 13, 2013 from 9:00am-3:00pm.  Once vacant properties will transform into pop-up retail, cafes and art galleries, public art will enlighten drab walls and temporary bike lanes and landscaping will turn this auto-heavy two lane road into a walkable, bikeable experience.  “Better Block provides an opportunity to envision the possibilities in an underutilized area,” said City Manager Marcus D. Jones. “It provides small business owners an opportunity to run their business and the city the data to discover ways to better serve them.”

We perform at 7:30pm inside the old Texaco Building, part of the Propinquity Effect.  If you're a Norfolk local, come out and show your optimism for Norfolk's future.  Plus, there's art, beer, bands, food, sketch comedy, etc.


Easter Beavers

We've decided to celebrate Easter weekend with a traditional whirlwind honky-tonk blow-out tour!  We'll be whipping through NC at the speed of sound, only stopping to play a couple gigs  - if you live nearby one of our musical pit stops please come out and join us.  We always have a blast playing the Town Pump Tavern in Black Mountain (we'll be there Saturday) and we are looking forward to playing Charlotte's charmingly named Thirsty Beaver Saloon for the first time (on Sunday).   Don't miss us- we 're great.



Altruistic Gig-Filling

Being the philanthropic humanitarians we are, we're filling in for a band cancellation tonight - join us  at the Rock-n-Roll Ruckus #15 won't you?   we'll be joining our friends Shifty South and Creation X artist Todd Owens.  There's art, music, and a fire-breather - pretty cool.  Starts at 9, free show, plenty of parking.  South Beach Grill in Virginia Beach, starts at 9.  Really, it starts at 9, the poster below is a liar.

facebook event details here




We won Best Country Artist at the 2013 Veer Music awards! Thanks to the very astute judges and all the perspicacious voters, we are honored and greedy for awards.Jackie Scott (from Jackie Scott & The Homewreckers) and I basking in the glow of our sweet, sweet victory.
With Kelly Murphy of the Sea Level Festival

Greg Wikle was busy playing with some other stupid band.