Stupid Cancer, we hate it

Yo everyone, it's spring, and that's way cool.  Here's what's not cool: we had to cancel this Saturday's show at JVs due to a death in the family (not in the band).  We know y'all understand, but we are sorry to cancel - DC peeps please go out and support JV's despite (or because of) our absence!  We hope to be back again soon.


Saturdays show cancelled

Hank Dietle's Tavern in Rockville, MD was devastated by fire early Feb 14, 2018.  We are heartborken at the news.  There are rumors of a possible rebuild, we sure hope those rumors come true.Photo via Pete Piringer Chief Spokesperson for Montgomery County (MD) Fire & Rescue Service


Heart of Gold: A Valentine's Tribute to Neil Young

We'll be playing with Gordon Bradley on Valentine's Day doing a set of Neil Young tunes at the Norva.  It's a night of Neil Young, with Brackish Water Jamboree performing "Harvest" in it's entirety!  Come out and share the love with us on Valentine's Day. 

Heres a little write-up from No Depression the last time we played with Gordon Bradley:"One standout performance, though, belonged, to Dalmas with a heaven-piercing Led Zeppelin tune, her voice doing all the ups and downs required."  


Fun with Lucky 757 and Katie & the Teardrops

Write-up from last Saturday's show -- 

"Gina & the Cow Tipping Playboys featured some raw, stripped down combination of country cum rockabilly. She sort of strikes a chord in my head like if June Carter was Johnny Cash, instead of Johnny being Johnny. If that makes sense."


A Stable Genius

I’ve been hesitant for years about writing posts, updates, blogs, tweets, and thus do so only rarely. Last year may have been my most self-doubting year of all – only one update to news on this page!  We aren’t dead, plenty happened I might’ve mentioned.  I’m always suspicious the content of whatever I might contribute might be trite, or boring, proud or boastful, inadvertently "borrowed" from another source, perhaps not funny, not enlightening, or woefully ignorant. Or I’ll miss a grammatical error, which makes me crazy.  But after reflecting on this past year, it seems I’ve been on the wrong track.  I’m no genius, and may not be particularly stable, but I’m certain I have at least as much to contribute as our current president.